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PHP Functions Online


(PHP 4, PHP 5)

strtoupperMake a string uppercase

string strtoupper(string $string)

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Preview #

${{ }} = {{ variable.param|getValue:variable.form:true }};
{{ call.result}} = ;

Description #

string strtoupper ( string $string )

Returns string with all alphabetic characters converted to uppercase.

Note that 'alphabetic' is determined by the current locale. For instance, in the default "C" locale characters such as umlaut-a (ä) will not be converted.

Parameters #


The input string.

Return Values #

Returns the uppercased string.

Examples #

Example #1 strtoupper() example

"Mary Had A Little Lamb and She LOVED It So";
$str strtoupper($str);

Notes #

Note: This function is binary-safe.

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