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PHP Functions Online

Examples #

Try a few example inputs:
  • [TRY] htmlentities("A 'quote' is <b>bold</b>", ENT_QUOTES);
  • [TRY] str_repeat("-=", 10);
  • [TRY] array_flip(array("a" => 1, "b" => 1, "c" => 2));
  • [TRY] new DateTime("2000-01-01", new DateTimeZone("Europe/Moscow"))->add(new DateTimeInterval("P10D"));

See Also #

Description #

PHP Functions Online can really help you during coding. Often you may find yourself in a need to quickly try executing a PHP function with a test input, just to be sure it really does what you expect it does. And that is when you open PHP Functions Online, type the input in and see the results immediately. No need for uploading files to server or to set up something.

To make it even more comfortable for you, PHP documentation is provided to you in its full form, including examples, just as it is on So, you do not need to open the manual in the second window if you are not sure about something related to the function you are about to use. All the PHP documentation provided on PHP Functions Online pages is Copyright PHP Documentation Group.

Usage #

If you know exactly which function you want to check, you can just type its name into the Function name field, fill its argument fields that will show up and then hit the "Execute!" button. If you are looking for the right function or you want to explore a group of functions, use the Category field first to select tags associated with functions that PHP Functions Online support and then choose from smaller set of functions using the Function name field.

A basic documentation is displayed when a function is selected through the Function name field. Click the Show more link to unhide the rest of the documentation. Click the Show less link to hide it again.

Limits #

One IP address is allowed to execute PHP Functions Online no more than 200 times per day. String inputs are limited to 4096 characters.